New Orleans Architectural Practice

Jerone H Bostick, LLC understand how daunting a building project can be. Whether you are considering building a brand new home or simply erecting a garage next to you existing one. Designing a sound architectural plan set up an appointment with one of our qualified professionals so that you can get your architectural project completed in no time.

Qualified Staff

Jerone H Bostick,LLC has been helping residents and business owners with their architectural needs for many years .our customers personalized and attentive design services. Our staff always takes the time to explain in detail advice and professional opinions based on your vision and preferences you can count on Jerone H Bostick, LLC to the job done to your satisfaction

New Orleans Architecture & Design

Jerone H Bostick, LLC, is a multi-disciplined team, with depth of expertise, combined with the latest technology, which enables the firm to respond to varying project types satisfying the needs of each specific project while responding to the aesthetic, cultural, and environmental requirements.

Architecture is the art of pitting the essential elements of form and space, and incorporating those principals that control their organization in the built environment. The goal of building design should be refining man's habitat by improving the built environment.

At Jerone H. Bostick, LLC, we are engaged in the practice of manipulating the elements of form and space into coherent, meaningful, and useful images, formations, and structures, with an emphasis on client safety and satisfaction.

Additionally, we want to help our customers learn more about architecture and its practice so they can confident on the work being accomplished every step of the way.